Pre-RNC police raids and arrests

Twin Cities Indymedia has continuing breaking news on the increasing number of raids by police in advance of the RNC. There have been multiple police raids and arrests for unexplained, probably bogus reasons and the RNC hasn’t even started yet.

Food Not Bombs raided? C’mon, they’re peaceful granola eaters. Another raid was on an anarchist meeting. Even a city council member there is leery about what the cops are doing.

St. Paul City Council member Dave Thune said he was trying to find out who ordered the building locked up and on what grounds. “This isn’t the way we do things in St. Paul,” Thune said. “I don’t want the city to get sucked into something that the sheriff’s office is concocting.”

Sounds like the police are out of control. These raids are a deliberate and probably illegal attempt to stop dissent at the RNC. It won’t work and will undoubtedly make things worse and more polarized.

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