More out of control police raids in Minneapolis

(Map of police raids from The Uptake)

The pre-RNC raids by police are escalating clearly in a deliberate attempt to stifle dissent and protest. That they will be wallpapered with costly lawsuits that they will lose is a given. In the meantime, this grotesque abuse of police power for political purposes continues. Since they clearly want a repeat of Chicago 68, that may well be what they get. Unless someone reins them in now.


Inside an RNC raid

We’re now hearing that “snatch squads” are picking up random people off the streets in the Twin Cities, and someone from Democracy Now has been detained.

Twin Cities news coverage from on the ground.

Twin Cities Indymedia. Much of their steady stream of news appears to be from cell phone messages and is rated for credibility. They are doing an amazing job of aggregating reports from all over the city. And they have an RSS feed too.

The Uptake

Minnesota Independent

Also, “track RNC” on Twitter or Tweetscan RNC if you don’t have a Twitter account.

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