Darry Barry confirms the wingnut’s deepest suspicions.

[Obama’s] goal, in his acceptance speech, will be to win over the undecided voters — the people who are unsure of what he really stands for, or who have received emailed rumors that he is a Muslim, or a socialist, or a vampire, or a lesbian. His goal will be to show, with no disrespect to the Muslim socialist vampire lesbian community, that he is a regular person just like you, except he has Vision and Leadership. After that, he will lay out his specific policies for building a brighter future. Then he will turn into a bat.

While Barry’s humor is always welcome, the possible assassination attempt on Obama by apparent meth head white supremacist wingnuts is unsettling.

The TimesOnline UK has a video interview with Nathan Johnson, one of the arrested, saying the others told him of their plan to assassinate Obama from on high with a .22-250 rifle sighted at 750 yards, a shot a skilled marksman could pull off. He also contradicted himself a few times. Can’t imagine why an alleged outlaw biker would inform on compatriots unless he was up on serious charges and wanted to cut a deal. Which means he could be making stuff up. Or not.