T. Boone Pickens. Two-part plan

The first part of the Pickens Plan is solar, the next is using natural gas as a bridge until we devise a nationwide renewable energy system. The thinking is, if solar gets used to create electricity, then natural gas will be freed up to power automobiles, decreasing oil consumption and giving us time to develop renewable power for vehicles and electricity.

He also says, drill, drill, drill for oil. Breakthrough says, not to worry, because Pickens also says drilling won’t help much because we will still be dependent on foreign oil. Also –

Democrats should drop the dogmatism and seize the political moment to carve out a drilling policy on their own terms. Otherwise, the options are no drilling or drilling wrong, and the American public has made quite clear their support for the latter.

Yes, Pickens is a right-wing, swift-boating, Texas billionaire who wants to make billions more on renewable power. He’s also thinking big and putting lots of money on the table. I’m glad someone is, because our government sure isn’t.

The Google Foundation is also thinking big, and is pumping money into clean energy research, tens of millions a year now, hundreds of millions a year soon.

This isn’t, or shouldn’t be, a partisan political issue. Low cost, renewable energy benefits us all.