DNC news sources, inside and outside

For the protests, check Tent State and Recreate 68, who are doing much of the street demonstration organizing at the DNC.

(Why they named themselves, respectively, after Kent State where demonstrators got killed and the 1968 Chicago DNC where protesters got their heads cracked in what was later was officially called a “police riot” seems beyond counter-intuitive to me.)

Dave Winer, influential geek blogger and early Obama supporter has press credentials and is blogging non stop about the DNC at Scripting.com and on Twitter.

You can do a Tweetscan search for “DNC” for tweets from multiple people.

Dave mentions that a NY Times reporter is twittering the DNC. Both Dave and the NY Times reporter have Flickr streams too.

Breaking news from the DNC will hit Twitter before any other media because Twitter is near instantaneous.

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