To the Left, some perspective on Obama, please

After reading some Left listservs and blogs, you might think Obama is the continuation of the policies of George Bush under another name. I mean, there’s some serious gnashing of teeth and fury going on. How dare he be a centrist. He’s not for the immediate withdrawal of troops. He’s a sellout and his presidency will mean no change.

Get a grip folks. Does anyone think that having a centrist adult in the White House will be as bad as George Bush?

More to the point, think back to what Ralph Nader said in 2000 (and I did drink Nader’s Kool Aid then), that there’s no difference between Al Gore and George Bush. Is there anyone left on the planet who thinks a Gore presidency would have been as destructive as Dubya’s has been? Didn’t think so.

Sometimes I think the Left is so used to losing and being marginalized it wouldn’t know what to if things started looking even slightly optimistic. An Obama presidency will open the door to progressive change, whether he wants it or not. So, the Left need to push Obama that way, and not stand on the sidelines sniping, refusing to play, and thus inadvertently insuring its irrelevance.