How to conserve water

Suspected miscreant flagrantly misuses resources.

Aquanomics details how voluntary compliance and education are ineffective in cutting water usage, as Los Angeles and San Diego are learning. As are their “git tough” programs that upon examination, are toothless.

The new L.A. “drought busters” program where, 16, count ’em 16, water cops will prowl a city of several million looking for evildoers wasting water (“drop that garden hose and reach for the sky, punk”) is just a silly PR stunt that will accomplish little. San Diego is worse, they want neighbors to inform on those who might be wasting water. Will we see grannies there led away at 4 am in handcuffs after a neighbor spotting them watering their petunias during the day?

There is, however, a proven and effective way to cut water consumption, says Aquanomics. Raise prices with a tiered rate system that penalizes heavy users.

Yet all this seems absurd when you consider that agricultural users in California, who use enormous amounts of water, pay extremely low, highly subsidized water rates to grow rice cotton in the desert. Madness, isn’t it?