Could the Bloomberg / Paul indie Green ticket in VA yank votes from the Right?

ConnecticutMan1 thinks so.

I don’t think that adding Bloomberg to any ticket, never mind one with Ron Paul, is intended to lure in votes from the Democratic party membership or the left in general.

Interestingly, the Independent Green Party of Virgina, who got way more than the 10,000 signatures needed to put Michael Bloomberg / Ron Paul on the ballot, are allied with the Independence Party of America – a party apparatus created in case Bloomberg ran.

Hmmm, maybe that answers my previous post, wondering where they got the money to get all those signatures. There are two ways to get sigs, volunteers, and I doubt the IGVA has enough volunteers to get that many signatures (they got a total of 70,000 for various races), or you pay people to do it. That costs money. Maybe this is a backdoor run by Bloomberg?