Tent State protests planned for Democratic National Convention

Tent State plans to be a sea of tents serving as an alternative university, staging area, and potential model for the future. Major protests and actions are planned, plus a music festival with Rage Against the Machine and more, all this during the upcoming Democratic National Convention.

Let’s hope they make a serious antiwar impact and that no one gets their skulls bashed, as security will be at supermax level around the convention center.

But dang, I do question the wisdom of naming it after a protest, Kent State, where protesters got shot dead. What are they trying to accomplish with the name? I don’t get it.


  1. “model for the future”? Are we all to be living in tents in the future?

  2. Well, I’ve made my views on that clear. I will *not* live in a yurt, tent, or any other windy, temporary shelter (except when backpacking, of course!)

  3. I guess tents are the only option – the national guard has reserved all the hotel rooms…


    Apparently Denver’s jails are full so they’ll be putting the protesters in cages when they are arrested.


    “Tent state” is kind of catchy – maybe there’s nothing more to the name choice than that…

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