Wishful Thinking Headline of the Day

Condoleezza Rice forces deal on Georgia to end the war” says the headline. Except, she hasn’t forced anything because the Russians have no intention of leaving nor are they signatories on the deal.

Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, warned Russia that it must withdraw its troops behind the boundaries of two disputed Georgian enclaves as she secured a ceasefire agreement that leaves open the possibility of continued incursions.

How can you have a ceasefire when incursions continue? In other words, this is no deal at all. Just meowing by the apparently toothless and clawless US paper tiger.

Russian convoy moves deeper inside Georgia: witness.

Russia: Poland risks attack because of US missiles.

Lest you think I’m somehow cheerleading for Putin, not hardly. He’s as thuggish as it gets. The real change though is that the US has little influence or leverage here, something the ruling class is just now becoming dimly aware of. The chances of a wider war grow daily.

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  1. Uhhhmmmm, right… Kinda Sleazy Lice, the “authority” on Russian history. I’m thinking the only thing it is an “authority” on is the taste of AWOL Bush’s c…

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