Obama dumps Muslim advisor

From Steve Clemons at Washington Note.

Will anyone notice? Barack Obama’s team just threw its key Muslim advisor under the bus.

Is this because, as Clemons points out, Obama has been giving speeches running to the right of Bush on Israel?

I think that this is outrageous — and those on the left who appreciate Obama and what he may mean for this country must become as tenaciously committed to what is right and what is good — and fighting for that — because those on the other side of these debates are trying to compel Obama to dilute himself.

Is he diluting himself, or another Slick Willie, or just crafting what he says to the occasion?

He might not like Hamas. I might not like Hamas. But there can not and will not be a lasting peace there until all the players, including Hamas, are part of the negotiations. Even Israel is talking with them.

Cartoon from The Financial Times, May 26. Yes, McCain does it too. Love that British understatement.

Last week, Mr McCain chucked a televangelist under the bus. Mr McCain had previously courted the Rev John Hagee, in spite of the fact that he holds a number of unorthodox views. Mr Hagee believes, for example, that the European Union is headed by the Antichrist and will unleash the war that leads to the Apocalypse. This is a serious misunderstanding of the role of the EU – but not a sackable offence.

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