Obama and the election

Yes, Obama tacked too hard to the Right recently, and may have lost support and cred in doing so. Then again, who else will they vote for? It’s the usual cynical calculation, play to the faithful on the edges during the primary, then move to the center in the general election. (Hillary would have done precisely the same. McCain is doing the same.)

So now presumably Obama will be getting negative on McCain, as will McCain on him, and the final months of the campaign will be one enormous mud-sling.

All of this is entirely predictable. Anyone who is surprised, shouldn’t be. Like Huffington Post, apparently.

What was HuffPo thinking, printing a hit piece on Obama by a Republican insider working for the McCain campaign? It was skillfully done though, playing up the weepy liberal angle, oh how Obama has disappointed us. Maybe that’s why they printed it, liberals sometimes do love to weep and be filled with angst, don’t they?

Obama is, and always has been, a centrist politician. The presidential campaign is now entering the guns and thunder phase. Again, this is entirely predictable.