Immigration Alert: Invasion of the frostbacks

There’s over 20,000 of them in New York City alone, bringing bizarre food customs with them (french fries with gravy and cheese curds?), taking highly skilled jobs from Americans, artfully blending in with the populace. Oh the horror. If this peril is not stopped they might attempt to make curling a national sport here.

Yes, Canadians are everywhere. Yet, I’ve never heard of a immigration raid that rounded up Canadians and sent them back to frost land, have you? The reasons for this are obvious enough. Canadians for the most part work highly skilled jobs, and aren’t in factory settings where rounding them up is simpler. Plus, they share a common language with us and their appearance doesn’t stand out.

Thus, their social class and ethnicity makes it less likely they will be deported. Not that I want anyone deported. Funny isn’t it, that neocons and conservatives yell that money and ideas must be allowed to cross borders freely, but want to stop people from doing the same.


  1. You’re gonna blame cheese curds on the frostbacks? “All-American Food” A&W has been serving them for decades!

  2. SEE!!!! Further proof that they already have invaded!

    What’s next? Maple syrup in coffee as a sweetener? Oh wait, I do that, don’t I…

  3. Everyone knows the GOOD maple syrup comes from NH anyway… oh, and VT too, but don’t tell anyone in NH I admitted that.

  4. Due to global warming, the vast bulk of maple syrup now comes from Canada. Sigh. is where I get mine. They’ll ship a gallon to CA fro $60.

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