MissRFTC gets her 15 minutes

From her Twitter stream, starting yesterday. (And people think Twitter is a foolish waste of time…)

I am totally serious. My Ob/Gyn was IN my vagina and an earthquake started rattling the room!

Wow. All it takes to go from 80 to 181 followers is a speculum in vagina during earthquake!

Was just interviewed via phone by senior writer at CNet about my vaginal earthquake experience

Just informed boss, as a result of my newfound Internet fame, am going to need my own parking space, or at least my vagina will

VagQuakes has gone mainstream. My ex boyfriend’s mom in Pittsburgh heard about the “incident” and e-mailed me to make sure I was OK

You might expect that my vagina would benefit from all this notoriety, but $20 says I’ll be eating macaroni and cheese on my couch tonight.

Just because I mention my vagina in a medical sense does not automatically mean I’d be interested in doing porn. Wait, how much will I get?

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