New boss same as the old?

From an anonymous political consultant on

Barack Obama is in short order a far more reassuring prospect for the continued dominance of the financial elite than another four years of neo-conservative rule which in an almost historically unique combination of greed, ill will, incompetence and stupidity have brought the country to the edge of disaster.

Audacity yes, change hardly.

Sort of. That the financial elite wants an end to neocon venality and incompetence in and of itself represents change. The Bushies have been terrible for business. Thus, a non-ideological, rational adult in the White House is called for.

I’ve never thought Obama represented real change, and given his rapid rise out of nowhere, it’s clear he has long enjoyed the backing of powerful segments of the financial elite. However, he genuinely gets it about global warming and will be considerably less bellicose than the willfully ignorant George Bush. And that will be a welcome change.

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