McKinney gets Green Party nomination, PSL getting ballot status

This ABC “News” article on McKinney is an attack op-ed pretending to be news. Much of the rest of MSM isn’t much better. Paint McKinney as a loon, insult and marginalize her. What are they so afraid of? That she might get a few hundred thousand votes?

Sadly, the progressive Left managed to fracture yet again so rather than have one candidate, there are two, McKinney and Nader. Since Nader is running as an independent, he has no guaranteed ballot status and the Green Party is broke and inept, so McKinney will have to raise all her money by herself.

A revolutionary Marxist party, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, are also running presidential candidates and have gained ballot status in three states with more coming. This after just a few months of organizing. One could arguably make the case that PSL is doing a better job of organizing and campaigning that either the Green Party or Nader. Their ticket is Gloria La Riva for president and Eugene Puryear for vice president and could turn out to be a real sleeper, sneaking up in the polls while no one is paying much attention. They recently ran two candidates in the Los Angeles County supervisors race who got a whopping 18-20% of the vote. Clearly, they are quite effective and are getting results.