John McCain: “I am learning to get online myself, and I will have that down fairly soon, getting on myself”

John McCain is telling us that he is learning about the internets. He watches Drudge. So, my parents are the same age as McCain, but they didn’t seem to have the same steep learning curve when it came getting online. This guy wants to run America and he’s stumped by his computer.

In the mid-90’s my father, who was then 75, bought his first PC, sat down, figured out how it works. He was older than McCain when he did so. That McCain seems baffled by going online shows how doddering and out of touch he is.

Hey John, asks your grandkids what to do, chances are they’ve been online since they could tie their shoes. And might actually have a clue. Because you sure don’t.



  1. Hey, if McCain is just learning the internet game it’s most likely for his own amusement. Do you really think that someone in his position really needs to be surfing the web; that’s what staff is for, silly! Not pathetic, just common sense.

  2. Yes, he has staff for that. I doubt he’s pumped gas since his time in the military as well, since he has staff for that too. I’d be he’d have problem operating ANY electrical device made since his first year in office, since he’s left all that for “his servents” to do. It’s not surprising to me at all, but it’s a great reason to NOT have him be a leader.

    Good leaders learn how to do things they delegate down to others, even if they’ll never do it themselves. At the very least they learn enough to understand whats involved with it. Not being able to do something so basic to most Americans (like pumping gas or web surfing) is really sad, and telling of how removed he is from those he claims to represent.

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