Hi Jolly Memorial. Quartzsite Arizona

From Wikipedia

Hadji “Hi Jolly” Ali (1828 — December 16, 1902) was a Greek-Syrian specialist who was one of the first camel drivers ever hired by US Army in 1856 to lead the camel driver experiment in the Southwest.

I took this photo today in the blistering 110 degree heat at Quartzsite. Very few people were visible. Come winter though, everything changes. Snowbirds in RVs come from all over the country to winter there, and they come in huge numbers – around 100,000-125,000 last year. Vendors from the huge Tucson Gem show come too, as do RV manufacturers, companies selling solar for RVs, and lots more.

We passed through Quartzsite on our way from L.A. to Tucson. About 18 miles west of Blythe CA on I-10 doing about 75, the car driven by Sue’s parents lost a tire and we watched it shred and smoke. They pulled over ok, I changed the tire to the little temporary tire in the baking 110 degree heat. We limped into Blythe where, miracle of miracles, a used tire shop was open on the 4th and had us on our way in fifteen minutes.

I-10 through the desert there has many shredded tires by the side of the road, and other things too. (Sue found a little girl’s purse where I changed the tire.) High temperatures and cars routinely going 80-90 mph apparently result in tires failing on a regular basis. Bring lots of water (it’s HOT) and be aware that cell phones don’t always work in the desert.