San Francisco Chinatown and tea

We moved to the S.F. area recently and went exploring in Chinatown. I’d figured it would probably be a tourist trap. Not hardly. Thousands of Chinese live, eat, work, and do business there. The streets are filled with people and it feels to this Anglo like a different planet. Probably because it is.

I like tea. Chinatown, not surprisingly, has lots of tea shops that offer many varieties of tea and have helpful staff  to explain the types of tea. Some of the teas they offer you won’t find anyplace else.

Two fine tea stores I’ve found so far that also have online ordering are Red Blossom Tea Company and Ten Ren Tea.

BTW, it was 97 degrees today in S.F., which is extremely hot for the area. We were in Sacramento today and it was 108. But they’re more used to hot weather. Anything above 80 and people in S.F. start getting hot! Sue and I lived in LA for a considerable period, some of that in the semi-arid San Fernando Valley where it can get scorching, so we don’t even start getting hot until it’s about 100. Rule #1. Drink lots of fluids, tea included.

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