Options News Network

Whether you’re new to options or a seasoned trader wanting ideas and strategies for trades, check out Options News Network. They have short, well-produced, informative videos covering all facets of options trading, including breaking news in the current market.

The primary advantage of options is leverage. You can make (and lose) money in options much faster than in stocks, and for much less money invested too. A 10% move in one day in a stock is highly unusual, yet such moves can easily happen with options. I’ve had options that moved up 50-100% in one day. Other advantage is you can make money if a stock price is falling down. (You can also do this by shorting stocks, but again, options cost less and, unlike with shorting, your risk is not limitless.)

ONN.tv is impressive. They have a number of educational videos for those new to options as well as hardcore advice for traders, and the videos are short and fun to watch.