End of face to face communications?

Pluperfecter says high gas prices increasingly mean we will communicate and conduct business more on the Net, and less face-to-face.

Now is the time for business to master live streaming video, video demos, podcasting, VoIP, teleconferencing, blogging, and social media networking. Skilled professionalism in these tools is now moving from peripheral and rare…to mission critical and universal.

This has been a steady trend for a while, but high gas prices will definitely accelerate the process. I plan to attend the geek conference Gnomedex this year and expect most everyone in the audience will be live blogging and twittering what’s happening, both for those present and for the virtual audience as well. Gnomedex streams the conference live, so someone on the Net can watch it and the Twitter stream at the same time, in real time. Except for the ability to schmooze, it will almost be like being there.

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