All over but the shouting for Hillary

Top party officials want her to bow out soon, and campaign insiders are losing faith in her strategy.

Obama nows leads Clinton among Democrats in California by 13% – and he lost the state by 9 points in Feb.

Speaker Pelosi directly warned Clinton supporters to avoid “”scorched-earth strategy” and said she will directly intervene soon if needed to bring the nomination fight to an end. Translation: Hillary will concede peacefully very soon or she will be forced to so.

Meanwhile, the once-rational Bill Clinton is ranting conspiracy theories about how poor little Hillary has been denied a presidency that was rightfully hers – hers I tell you, he spews – we planned and plotted this for years, and now viciously and thuggishly raised money for another candidate, money that should have been ours as should the presidency. But no, the media, craven little weasels that they are, did not respect our sense of overweening entitlement and, get this, endorsed that Obama guy AND the party leaders did nothing to stop it. (bangs rattle on high chair and has a temper tantrum.)

You probably think I’m exaggerating, right? I’m not. Bill Clinton is definitely foaming at the mouth.) Really folks, It’s time to kill two birds with one stone and put both the Bush and the Clinton political dynasties out to pasture and keep them there permanently.

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