Scathing response from all sides on Clinton RFK assassination comment

Keith Olbermann says it all, detailing Clinton’s repeated and despicable attempts to bring up the possibility of assassination of Obama.

A senator — a politician — a person — who can let hang in mid-air the prospect that she might just be sticking around in part, just in case the other guy gets shot — has no business being, and no capacity to be, the President of the United States.

Andrew Sullivan, AmericaBlog, DailyKos, and Huffington Post have compendiums of outraged comments from all over the political spectrum at her comments.

I’m beginning to understand why the Right detested the Bill and Hillary so much. Maybe they saw all along who the Clintons really were. Now we all see it.


  1. I’m thinking that we’re seeing the side of Hillary that Bill was able to hide behind his presidency but which is now finally shining through.

    Bill is a cad, without doubt, but she’s showing a dangerous side that does not need to be enabled by presidential power.

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