On the pot-holed highway to Hell

If anyone doubts the problems of US infrastructure, I suggest he or she take a flight to John F. Kennedy airport (braving the landing delay), ride a taxi on the pot-holed and congested Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and try to make a mobile phone call en route.

That should settle it, particularly for those who have experienced smooth flights, train rides and road travel, and speedy communications networks in, say, Beijing, Paris or Abu Dhabi recently. The gulf in public and private infrastructure is, to put it mildly, alarming for US competitiveness.

Doc Searls notes that Obama has a plan to rebuild our transportation infrastructure while McCain does not.

Another problematic area is the Internet. European nations, Japan, China, and Singapore often have vastly faster and more reliable net infrastructures, and they’re cheaper too. This country needs to stop spending hundreds of billions to destroy other countries with insane, pointless wars, and spend the money here instead, rebuilding the decaying infrastructure.

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