Obama on guns

We need sensible gun laws,” said the Senator. “I just got back from Montana where just about everyone has guns. In that culture, fathers and sons bond over hunting. You can’t take that away from rural America. But the inner city is different, and we should tighten the laws on gun purchases and close the loopholes in gun show sales to unscrupulous buyers. The gun control people and the right to bear arms people are talking past each other about disconnected topics.”

I completely agree. Guns are much more about the differences between cities and rural areas than Left vs. Right and need to be approached that way. Guns have been a part of life in the country for hundreds of years, and people need them, as critters sometimes want to attack and eat their livestock and crops. But  OTOH, I don’t want the driver in the car next to me during a Los Angeles freeway traffic jam to have a loaded Glock under the seat.