The Democratic primary

So, will this increasingly nasty primary leave a badly split party and allow McBush to become president? I doubt it. Even with all the furor now, McCain is not ahead of either Democrat. Once there is a Democratic nominee, then the party will certainly unify some (maybe quite a lot) and the Democrat will be the clear frontrunner.

Besides, there’s plenty of division among Republicans too, more than a few of thm loathe McCain.

The Democratic nominee, if you watch closely and count the numbers, will be Obama.


  1. Ah, but that won’t sell newspapers or grab TV viewers.
    The Obamas should already have their change of address cards filled out for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  2. Hillary’s arguments in favor of herself seem to be;
    1) Experience, of which John McCain has more and
    2) Perseverence. I’d like to see Hillary go 4 years in a North Vietnamese prison camp.

    So, Hillary has nothing.

    Obama has brought on board; young voters, white collar voters and. overwhelmingly, minority voters. All of which are the future of The Party.
    Hillary has only delivered white, blue collar voters who the Democrats have always had. Who are shrinking in numbers. Voters who the party has had, to no avail, in the last 2 elections.

    Senator Obama is the future of The Party. It’s plain to see and I think the Superdelegates see it too.

  3. It’s clearly going to be Obama in this race. Each day more and more superdelegates drop out of their support for Clinton, and as each drops up, the momentum grows. Clinton is having to many memory related issues and hyping up everything she isn’t. The race is over.

  4. I sure hope it’s Obama, because otherwise I’ll be actively campaigning for McCain– he may be GOP, but at least he shows some respect for (and understanding of) the Constitution. Clinton is the remaining candidate least likely to give back all that executive power Bush accumulated. And I expect her to be as liberal as hubby, Mr. “I am not a liberal.” Though I’m no liberal myself, sometimes it gets hard to tell the neo-libs from the neo-cons.

  5. McCain has also benefited from a distracted press watching Hillary try to slug it out. Sooner or later, the attention has to turn to McCain, who doesn’t seem to be able to put together coherent thoughts even WITHOUT any media pressure on in. I expect that when he get pressured, we’ll start seeing his temper flare and he won’t seem like such a great guy.

    Is it just me, or does McCain look old and tired?

  6. I’m sure Democratic Oppo research is hard at work devising ways to make McCain explode in anger.

  7. “Is it just me, or does McCain look old and tired?”

    So does Hillary! I sure hope she doesn’t become the face of the nation.

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