Kearny NE

We did over 500 miles on Monday, driving through Illinois, Iowa, then part of Nebraska.

Iowa gets a special mention because their rest stops on I-80 have free wi-fi! We stayed at a rather bizarre Ramada Inn in Kearny NE. Apparently built in the 70’s it has a huge interior area with an odd, meandring swimming pool / wading pool. Next to it is a tiki hut on stilts with a bar on top. This tropical motif is repeated throughout the hotel, which is smack dab in the middle of feed lot country. Some say this is the smell of money, but it still smells like cowsh*t to me.

The wi-fi was free but didn’t work and no one had a clue how to fix it. Grrr. When we checked out in the morning, I turned the interior door handle and it fell off in my hand. Almost couldn’t get the door opened. A very odd hotel indeed.