Israel trying to starve Gaza?

Israel has now cut off fuel to Gaza and forced the UN to stop distributing food.

This Israeli government action is an unvarnished war crime. It is known as collective punishment. There was already hunger and malnutrition among Palestinian children, which will now be worsened

Let’s make war just for the combatants. Why should the innocent, women and children, have to suffer? This includes Israeli women and children killed by suicide bombers just as much as their counterpart Palestinians. There’s lots of collective punishment being done by all sides here.


  1. Though I tend to agree with Ten Bears, it’s well to remember that there’s no shortage of “fucking up the world” among self-declared Hindus, Buddhists, Marxists, and Maoists either.

  2. I’d say that the extreme Zionism as practiced by the ruling class of Israel is certainly a major problem. But it would not exist (nor would Israel, for that matter) without the military and financial support of the U.S.

    And Hamas et al sending suicide bombers at civilian Israelis is equally problematic, IMO.

  3. Now now don’t go bashing out on religions without bashing out on the people who hate them just as well. All sides are guilty like it or not that means you to. Hatred is Hatred whether you be Jew, Muslim, Christian, Athiest or whatever you wish to call yourself.

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