Clearfield PA

We got started about noon today, took a while to get the house completely cleaned up. Made it about 300 miles to Clearfield PA where we’re staying in a nice Holiday Inn Express. Tell me, why is it that smaller hotels tend to have better internet connections than larger ones, plus they’re usually free. The net here is free, rock-solid, open wireless with a no-hassle connection that took maybe 15 seconds to get on. Contrast this with big city hotels that charge $10 a day and have complicated log on procedures and often have flaky service.

Had a nice dinner at Dutch Pantry, a local Pennsylvania Dutch style restaurant that features excellent home-style cooked food. Dinner for two was $20.

We hope to make 500 miles tomorrow. Driving the 16 foot truck with my car on a car carrier turned out to be easy enough on I-80. Haven’t quite mastered backing up with it, so we’re careful to park where we can get out easy!

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