Florida teen beating

Those six teenage girls in Florida who severely beat another girl then posted the video online – ah, what planet are they from? It’s not just their sickening savagery and lack of remorse, but also that they are apparently so disconnected from reality that they didn’t comprehend that posting the video could get them into serious trouble. Which it most certainly did.

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  1. Welcome to the I-Generation, where everything is put up on the web. Thats how it’s always been for them, from MySpace to FaceBook, first with blogging and now sharing minutia about ones daily thoughts on Twitter. Everything they do finds it’s way on-line, even when it shouldn’t.

    Personally, I encourage this behavior. If you’re so dumb as to put every bit of your life on the wire, then post the illegal stuff you do. All the easier to put the violent ones away, and tag the criminals early.

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