Blog till you drop

The NY Times says that’s precisely what some bloggers do. Doc Searls says, “Blogging doesn’t need to be a race. Really.”

With the advent of Twitter, we may see blogs increasingly be used for longish think pieces and Twitter for short, quick news. Plus, the two will begin to merge and morph.

Of course, that doesn’t help the hopelessly news-addicted (say I writing this blog post while my cell phone grabs incoming tweets from Twitter) to slow down and focus on what’s really important and separate out all the noise.

More than a few bloggers are thinking about this, the pressure to always get good posts up, whether your site is your source of income or for fun. After while it gets exhausting and burnout looms. Perhaps the best solution is to do fewer posts but make them more comprehensive. No sense in being first. even if your ad revenue soars, if your health or personal life suffers. First things need to come first.