Zimbabwe and Mugabe

Probably the only reason Mugabe hasn’t come down with an iron fist is because he can’t. The election results were so obviously against him that even his supporters seem split on what do do. And he’s old and probably fading anyway.

Will the rightful winners of the elections be allowed to take power peacefully? That decision is up to Mugabe, corrupt thug that he is. He’s been wobbling, saying he’d leave if not prosecuted for anything (an obvious admission of both guilt and weakness) but also detaining journalists and arresting opposition part members.

Inflation is 100,000% a year there now, with rampant corruption too. The people there deserve better than the vicious aging tyrant they have now. May the change come peacefully.

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  1. What a horrible place. How can such a country be driven so far into ruins?
    On the news today it was shown that 2 American Dollars was the equivalent of 100 million Zimbabwe dollars. That’s unbelievable and it’s still not enough to buy a bag of flour (ABC News).
    Yes, hopefully he will step down and end his reign and hopefully the one who will replace him and fix up the mess thats been created over teh last couple decades.

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