1. Probably wouldn’t want to tell that to Oregon this week, in particular Portland, which has experienced a record breaking cold winter, and this past week – hell, today, near the last day of March – snow down to five hundred feet. While I’m relatively new to this wet stuff, being a creature of the high desert, the cold is out of the ordinary, and that I can scientifically explain how it is a manifestation of global warming (I actually said that twice today), well… nobody’s interested in hearing it.

    With your permission, though, I’m going to grab your link…

  2. “Climate change” is a better term as global warming brings more climate extremes, nt just warmer weather. Here in New England there’s been record snowfalls in the north and monsoonal rains in the south. And very little sun. We are REALLY hoping Spring comes soon.

  3. There was a recent bit on the local NPR station about how climate will change in Utah. It WILL get warmer, but the northern part of the state will also get wetter. (Unfortunately, I live in the southern part, which is expected to get drier. Maybe not in my lifetime.)

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