Renewable energy news

Denmark has so much wind power that needs ways to offload and store the power. A utility company there plans to build a nationwide grid to use that power to charge electric cars.

SoCal Edison just announced a plan to put solar photovoltaic panels on commercial buildings throughout southern California with the eventual plan of generating enough power for 162,000 homes. The owners of the buildings will be able to buy power at a rate less than normal while the rest of it goes into the grid.

It’s amazing how fast renewable energy is going mainstream.


  1. Wow, wind power is really cool. I went to that link which showed some cool pictures of the Danes harnessing wind power. Every country should do that. I wish I could get some free wind energy for my house. You always think of solar power but rarely wind power.

  2. [Wind howls in the background.] We’ve been hoping to harness the wind ever since we moved to Utah. Now we have. Unfortunately, the cost of the instrallation likely exceeded any financial benefit we get from the power generated. As far as I can see, to make small wind work financially, you’ve got to (1) do it on a shoestring, seeking the least expensive towers, wire, etc. (2) do the work yourself, and (3) mount multiple turbines on a single tower. Otherwise, it costs more to put it up than the turbine will generate in a lifetime at current electricity rates.

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