LA Times apologizes for linking Sean Combs to Tupac shooting

The LA Times has apologized to Sean Combs and James Rosemond after The Smoking Gun showed that documents the Times relied on were forged.

Rosemond said in a statement Wednesday that the Times article created “a potentially violent climate in the hip-hop community.” His attorney, Marc Lichtman, added: “I would suggest to Mr. Philips and his editors that they immediately print an apology and take out their checkbooks — or brace themselves for an epic lawsuit.”

Combs’ lawyer Howard Weitzman, in a letter to Times Publisher David Hiller, called the story inaccurate. He expanded an earlier demand for a retraction and said he believed that The Times’ conduct met the legal standard for “actual malice,” which would allow a public figure such as Combs to obtain damages in a libel suit.

Interesting, isn’t it, that a supposed world-class newspaper got their facts so wrong while an independent (and smallish) website did the research and digging and got the story right.

I think the only remaining question is whether the checks the LA Times signs to settle the lawsuits will have seven or eight figures in them.

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