Ahead of the Curve: Business responds to climate change

Ahead of the Curve: Business responds to climate change
This professional 12 minute video, Ahead of the Curve, shows how major US corporations like GE, DuPont, J&J, Wal-Mart, and Duke Energy are not only investing millions in lessening their own carbon footprints, they are saving money and spinning off new products while doing so. In other words, it’s helping their business and bottom line.

Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers says in the video that the chances of federal regulation on climate climate in the next five years is “100%” and that those passing the bills will almost certainly be consulting with the companies that have already demonstrated leadership and action.

This kind of outreach on climate change to business titans (and just non-titan regular businesses) is extremely valuable — and the outreach needs to be in many forms, like this.

Business increasingly gets it. Come Jan. 2009 when Neanderthals no longer inhabit the White House is when the real change at the federal level will start.

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