Issues, anyone?

I don’t care about Rev. Wright, or what McCain did or didn’t say, or snooping into Obama’s passport record, or Hillary’s White House schedule when Bill was prez, or any of the other banal trivialities being passed off as news..

All of it is almost totally irrelevant. The presidential campaign is already disintegrating into a swamp of attacks, innuendo, and we still have seven more months to go. Imagine the crazed levels of hysterical attacks we’ll be hearing come October. Might be a good time to leave the country or unplug from the Net.

The economy has huge problems, the country is fighting and losing two wars, millions may get foreclosed – and none of the candidates are addressing any of this in a serious way. We need to know from all of them what their plans of action are, not sound bites or feel-good phrases, but real, workable solutions.

But we probably won’t get that. Attack ads and sliming are so much easier to do.