John Doerr: Lack of energy R&D is almost criminal

solar thermal array

John Doerr, Kleiner Perkins super VC, told a group of students, investors and entrepreneurs at the Berkeley Energy Symposium on Friday that “it’s almost criminal that we’re not investing more in energy R&D.” And Doerr, who’s firm has already put almost $300 million into clean technologies, is advocating several green policies to help fight this “crime”.

Doerr sees huge potential in solar thermal and cellulosic biofuels. In case you’re wondering he is one of the big dogs of venture capitol and played a major role in the funding of Google, Amazon, Netscape, Sun Microsystems and many others. Al Gore recently became a partner and the firm is moving strongly into cleantech and renewable energy.

He’s right. The comatose response of the US, particularly at the governmental level, is virtually criminal. Imagine what we could accomplish with a government that led the way rather than fighting against needed change.