Ron Paul quits race

Ron Paul dirigible

So now we bid Ronulans a fond farewell. From their perplexing conspiracy theories to their bizarre embrace of 19’th century monetary policy, Paul’s supporters ran one of the most interesting political sideshows in a century. But it’s time for Ron Paul to board his dirigible and sail into the sunset.

Indeed, what I found most charming was the huge enthusiasm coupled with startling political naiveity that characterized many of his libertarian geek devotees.


  1. I find more disturbing the naiveity of people who oppose this man’s run for president.

    The dollar is going down in flames with no signs of stopping.

    The Iraq War won’t likely be stopped by any of the remaining candidates.

    No candidate would end the secret foreign interventions conducted by our CIA .

    Our social security system is technically insolvent, the only way we could be able to make good on our promises is to dramatically inflate the currency until the promised payments are only worth pennies.

    Our housing market has been totally destroyed and is heading into depression thanks to the loose the economic practices of our central bank and its lending institutions.

    I pray that whoever it is you support – Obama, Hillary actually does something to help this country.

  2. Ron Paul has not yet made that formal announcement – technically he is still in the race – as is Alan Keyes.
    We realize he will not win the party nomination – although there are delegates that support him.
    The revolution has just begun.
    Personally I think the circus sideshow remains with the 3 front runners.

  3. Ron Paul, like Bill Richardson on the Democrat side, was an intelligent and well qualified candidate that would have made for a wonderful president.

    The problem is that most people want style over substance. The handsome, political newbie, Barrack Obama. The former First Lady, also terribly inexperienced, Hillary Clinton. Neither has put down their Congressional maps yet.

    Richardson and Paul represent boring substance. Neither are newsworthy. Who care is a good candidate is elected.

    It’s news when we elect another moron! People say, “I can’t believe that idiot got elected!” Think about it, what newspaper editor wants to publish “smartest candidate gets elected, handsome guy loses”.

    Looks like the grinning idiot Barrack Obama is next. How long before we hear he’s cheating on his wife in the mens room with ______.(you fill in the blank.)

  4. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he ran as a Libertarian for president, assuming he could still keep his seat in Congress, that is. (Yes, I know he said he wouldn’t, but that could change.)

  5. Richardson is the only one of the dem bunch that actually knows anything, and upon his withdrawal I’ve pretty much given up on them. Paul’s, on the other hand, perplexing conspiracy theories are not so perplexing to those of us who have actually studied the law and American history, yet his catering to the lowest common racial, religious and homophobic denominator was unacceptable from the git-go.

    It bears reminding that the Rodham family is as every bit dynastic old money as the let’s overthrow the Roosevelt administration and establish a Hitler friendly Fascist administration Bush family, Ms Clinton is very much a creature of The Corporation. Bush with tits.

    Obama is nothing more than a bone tossed to rubes, there’s no way The Corporation will allow him to take office.

  6. Do you not see what is going on? Do you not see that it is in the governments interest to shut up ron paul, and to publically anounce like it is the end of him, just so that people forget about him? Do you not realise that? Thats not the case. Ron Paul is growing bigger than ever, and he has planted the seed. now, we must do the rest!. June 21st. March on Washington. Only then, will the real and true picture be revealed. Ron Paul for President. Out with Bush and his thugs!

  7. Ten Bears knows what he is talking about, and I like your posts. i like your use of the word Corporation. By that you probably mean the bilderberg group. They are all working for the same people. Mcain, Hillary, Obama is just an actor. He is irrelevant. He is just there to cause some controversy, to make the whole thing look like there is an election going on. God help us all if any of them win. Either way, the elections are rigged, so whoever they want to win, will win. Nothing will happen without people going out there on the streets, and giving the government a piece of their mind. It sounds barbaric, but its the only last thing left that cannot be forged, or manipulated. Everything else, the zionists took care of. Ten Bears, I like your thinking. We should discuss this over e-mail if you are interested. My e-mail address is

    I look forward to hearing from you, and everyone else who shares our views. Zionist thugs, dont bother sending an e-mail, because your days are over anyway!. REVOLUTION IS INEVITABLE!

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