All the dead bodies piled up in mounds

grim reaper
Israel planning ethnic cleansing in the north of Gaza

The televised report cited high-level security sources as saying Barak intends to plan for the removal of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the northern Gaza Strip

Terror stalks the Yeshiva

Events like this leave one speechless. What can one say? It is simply an act of bestiality.

All sides here have committed atrocities. All sides, by the standard definition, are terrorist, because they deliberately target civilians. The Yeshiva attack was a calculated attempt to make Israel go insane with rage and massively retaliate – which is precisely what Israeli hardliners want a pretext for doing any way. No doubt, the attack was a response to an Israeli atrocity where Palestinian civilians were killed and maimed. Where will it end? Because there are millions on both sides who just want it over so they can walk the streets without fear of incoming missiles or suicide bombers.

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