Obama’s campaign creates space for activism

From American Leftist

Leftists make a mistake if they dismiss the mainstream political process as meaningless, or allow themselves to reflexively evaluate it in a jaded, cynical way. Why? Because the process has a social dimension as well as a political one, and leftists need to be cognizant of this social aspect in regard to being able to recognize the prospects, if any, for left activism.

They explain how an Obama run can create a space for genuine activism. But then fall back into gloom because of the primary results Tuesday. Hey, Obama is ahead in delegates, most believe Clinton has no actual chance of catching up. Will the race get nasty now? Sure, it always does. We’re just hearing random small arms gunfire now. Come September it’ll be full-on salvos of heat-seeking missiles. People get ready.

Some lefties sit on the sidelines and mock any attempt at change as not leftist enough. Then wonder why they are marginalized and ineffectual.

American Leftist makes an important point. Obama is changing the game. And that creates openings for us.

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