Obama may beat Clinton in TX delegates

Obama could pick up a net gain of three delegates [in Texas], after all the dust settles.

Hey, I favor Obama over Clinton but this is nuts. Primaries should be on straight votes on the people. Nothing more, nothing less. If you get 52% of the votes, you should get 52% of the delegates. Period.


  1. The primaries are not designed for the voters but for the parties to choose their nominees. Many states and parties do not have a primary vote but only caucuses and conventions. In the Texas two-step the primary shows the will of the general voter. The precinct conventions are for those willing to work the candidates and the party. Normally there is a much bigger ratio but Democrats got a huge number of new workers this year.

  2. Add to that the so-called “superdelegates.” The Dem leadership retains 20% of the votes at the convention; the GOP only 5%. Dems really trust the People, don’t they?

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