Robocall Hell

24 more hours and primary season will be over here in Ohio! I have received 23 calls since 8:00 am this morning – all automated saying “support my candidate”.

One of the nice things about being a registered Green is that both parties completely ignore you. No overflowing mailboxes and robocalls, come election time, just peace and quiet. And when a candidate does contact you, it’s so obviously a “let’s tell the Greenies we love trees” kind of thing that it’s laughable.


  1. In my house, I’m the one who calls/dashes off emails to Sen. Kerry and Kennedy, but I never get mailings from either of them, though they do show up for the registered Dem. in the house. Fine w/ me, really. Being Green means less junk mail!

  2. The non-partisan, non-profit National Political “Do Not Contact” Registry has been created to help citizens with the problem of unsolicited, unwanted political phone calls, including robocalls. Citizens can register their phone number by going to Erin Nelson

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