Green luxury homes torched

Fires gutted four multimillion-dollar model homes in a Seattle suburb on Monday, and authorities found a sign purportedly left by eco-terrorists that mocks claims that the homes were environmentally friendly.

“Built Green? Nope black!” said the spray-painted sign that bore the initials of the radical environmental group Earth Liberation Front.

Yeah, that’s right. Burn down homes that were deliberately built to be green and environmentally friendly. You say the homes might have polluted a creek? Well, what about all the runoff from the firefighting that’ll be flowing into the creek now because you torched the homes? That’ll be sure to help. And bring more people to your cause as well. Idiots.


  1. Has ELF stepped up and said it was them? They tend to proclaim when it was their doing, even for stupid things (like burning HV2s, for example). Is the only source for this a spray painted wall? This could be the construction group (or a financial stake holder) torching the houses because the market is so low that they’ll never sell these highly priced homes. Unless a known reputable ELF site is saying they did it I would be suspicious, given the current housing market slump.

    If ELF does say it was one of theirs, then I have to agree with the poster. It’s dumb to destroy a finished semi-green house, both environmentally and politically.

  2. ELF no longer has an above-ground press office that can relay messages (while claiming they don’t know who the members are) so I’m not sure how they can take credit.

    I suppose it could be an insurance scam pretending to be ELF but it does seem a lot like past actions of theirs.

  3. I was watching this unfold on the early am feed and at first it was reported as four, then six. Every report, from the shacky IP feed to the live helo broadcast immediately preceded some bimbo bottle blond bobblehead on TV in Courthouse Square – at five thirty in the freakin’ morning – breathlessly announcing that “Eco-Terrorist” Tre Arrow is in The Northwest and to be arraigned today and a bunch of ‘hippies’ are going to… what the fuck ever. We’re talkin’ every twelve minutes (I timed ’em) for an hour and half.

    If the TV stations didn’t do it, with the housing bubble burst I’m betting on Jewish Lightning. Actually, I’m betting on the TV stations.

  4. By the common definition of terrorism, deliberate targeting of civilian lives, it doesn’t even remotely qualify.

    A dimbulb with a match and a gas can is not necessarily a terrorist.

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