Steve Earle – City Of Immigrants

Steve Earle recently moved to NYC from Nashville. At the concert Thursday night, he said living there makes him feel more hopeful about the possibility for change in the country, that the Korean who runs the deli at the end of his block speaks better English than he does, Spanish too, and that this is amazing.

Livin’ in a city of immigrants
I don’t need to go travelin’
Open my door and the world walks in
Livin’ in a city of immigrants

Livin’ in a city that never sleeps
My heart keepin’ time to a thousand beats
Singin’ in languages I don’t speak
Livin’ in a city of immigrants

City of black, city of white, city of light, city of innocents
City of sweat, city of tears, city of prayers, city of immigrants

All of us are immigrants
Every daughter, every son
Everyone is everyone
All of us are immigrants

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