Georgia – Tennessee water war

Georgia wants to renegotiate their border with Tennessee, saying it was based on a faulty 1818 survey. Moving it would given them access to billions of gallons of water from the Tennessee River. Tennesseeans are saying they “will take our long rifles up to Lookout Mountain and fire when ready”, should this be attempted.

This weird story has got everything except that actual change-driver provoking this behavior, which is climate change. Georgia wants to re-draw a 200 year old state boundary so as to purloin Tennessee’s water. In the meantime the governor of Tennessee can’t deal with this provocation because he’s too busy touring the tornado damage.

Got ourselves a real precursor here, folks — if Georgian Republicans are turning into filibustering water-bandits, imagine the mayhem in states less politically organized than Georgia.(and yes, there are some. Really.)

Or imagine the mayhem when it happens on a regional level with, say, the Southwest wanting to grab water from the Great Lakes.


  1. As overpopulation and global warming get worse, be ready for real wars over water across international borders in many parts of the world.

  2. georgia has squandered its water,,,,,period. now they want to virtually steal Tn water. what else can be said,,,,,,georgia wants to steal TN water. this is not a good thing. it is irresponsible and a bad thing. period.

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