Welcome to the doomer feedlot

cavemen roasting laptop
From Peak Oil Debunked comes a quite wonderful rant about Peakists, those peak oil adherents who delight in predicting gloom.

For those of you just coming to peak oil, you’re going to want to understand the most basic concept of peak oil: The doomer feedlot.

First you’re going to want to go to a doomer feedlot, like peakoil.com or DrumBeat at the Oil Drum, and get a user ID. It’s like one of those tags that they crimp onto your ear. All the doomers look the same, and they’re all packed nose-to-bunghole into the feedlot, so the feedlot needs a way to tell them apart in case one “goes down” or flips out etc.

So you get your head in there and start slurping those juicy news items.

Here comes a shovelful: “Babies freeze to death in Kyrgyzstan.”, cheering the end of civilization

That’s got the stink of doom all over it, and the cows’ eyes bug out with excitement…

You see, lesson 1 is that peak oil is not about peak oil. Peak oil is about the inevitable die-off of industrial society and mankind due to hubris and stupidity. Any news item which advances that thesis… goes in the feed.

This process (and it’s hardly just peakists who do it) leads to the extremists trying to out-do each other by making ever more alarmist predictions while mocking the moderates as being wimpy and unfit carry the banner. “Oh, so you think we’ll still have candles to provide light, do you? Not a chance, Perky Boy. Get ready to live in caves and burn wood.”

Peak oil and global warming are real. But the task at hand is to find solutions, not predicting gloom and doom.

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