Obama campaign as “disruptive innovation”

The Left Coaster comments on a recent MSNBC survey showing 53% said Clinton’s attacks were unfair while only 33% thought that of Obama.

Hillary’s campaign strategists have proved consistently inept, so it’s impossible to guess what they will try in what could be the final two weeks of her candidacy, but it’s clear that she’s not going to win by tearing Obama down.

You hear this quite a lot, that Clinton’s campaign suffers from bad advice. But she hired them, didn’t she? And has determinedly stuck with them regardless of criticism. So, the only possible conclusion that she approves of what they are doing. Even if it is leading her campaign off a cliff.

This isn’t because they are dumb. It’s because the landscape changed and they haven’t or can’t change with it. Maybe they don’t even realize what happened.

A disruptive technology or disruptive innovation is a technological innovation, product, or service that uses a “disruptive” strategy, rather than a “sustaining” strategy, to overturn the existing dominant technologies or status quo products in a market.

Clinton is the status quo product, Obama the disruptive innovation. He understands that people genuinely want politicians that represent change and new ways of dealing with the world, and has tailored his campaign to that. Clinton meanwhile, remains mired in using tired old tactics like dumb attack ads and transparently gearing her speeches to whatever pollsters tell her is important that day, even if if contradicts what she said yesterday. Her attack ads might well have worked 4 or 8 years ago. But they are backfiring now.

Obama is riding the disruptive innovation wave while Clinton is getting swamped by it. Whether Obama is just another Slick Willie is something I’m undecided on, but like mp3s replacing music CDs, something has shfted at the grassroots level and people want something new. Politicians who fail to realize this will swept aside, and quickly too.

The key point about disruptive innovations is that they do not co-exist with what came before it, but rather that they replace it.

PS. From Intoxination

According to a new Reuters/Zogby poll released this morning, Obama now has a 14% lead over Clinton nationally. In a general match up, Obama beats McCain 47% to 40%, however a match up of Clinton/McCain has McCain winning 50% to 38%.

I don’t care how much the Clinton campaign tries to spin it today, they are about done.