Kosovo. Birth of a gangster state?


Socialist Unity says it is.

It amazes me that some on the left support this Albanian fascism, due to an utterly mechanical understanding of the politics of nationality.

From Splintered Sunrise

There is a strong case in the abstract for Kosovo Albanians having the right to self-determination. In the here and now, I’m opposed to independence for Kosovo because the place is run by a bunch of mafiosi, its economy is based on the trafficking of drugs, arms and women, and giving this basket case the attributes of statehood will make a bad situation worse.

From a comment to the post.

So you support resistance movements only when you find the politics of its leadership somewhat compatible from your own point of view?

Ouch. Good point though, does a group of people who others consider to be thugs have the right to self-determination? If not, what are the limits, and why?

From another comment.

The most important thing to get about the various laws and norms of international relations theory is that it’s all total fantasy. In reality, it’s pure power games.

Aided and abetted by more powerful countries like the US and Russia for their own ends, of course.