Kos has a question

My memory is hazy. Was the Dean campaign as pathetic during its “implosion” stage as the Clinton campaign has behaved the last week or two?

I’m trying to figure out if this is normal behavior for a desperate campaign or if the Clintons are reaching new heights of idiocy.

Update: To add, how long before we have a YouTube of Hillary “plagiarizing” words and phrases from other places? I say 36 hours.

If the implosion continues and her campaign self-destructs, then many a book will be written and tea leaves analyzed to discern precisely how it happened and what the root causes were. Given that this appears to be the season for supposed frontrunners getting dethroned (as witness Guliani and Romney and maybe Clinton soon) then maybe we’re seeing the political version of disruptive technologies.

The music CD destroyed the market for the LP. Sure, some collectors and purists squealed, but it never was a fight. The CD was smaller, held more information, and within a few years, hardly any new LPs were being made. They’ve couldn’t compete. The disruptive technology of the CD eliminated LPs from the marketplace. (Just like what mp3s are doing to the CD now.)

Obama, Huckabee, Ron Paul, and maybe even McCain are not the “standard” breed of politician. They are the disruptive technology that the established old guard of Clinton, Guliani, and Romney do not understand and clearly have trouble coping with.


  1. It was just five years ago that Zip drives were all the rage. Look where that has gone. If Obama, Huckabee, Ron Paul, and maybe even McCain are the stop gap between evolving ‘technologies’, for lack of a better term, the stop gap between LPs (I actually have about ten thousand, but I’m the geek at a low power FM station) and CDs, then where we should probably be pinning our hopes for change – the only change this bunch represents is of the negative variety – on the next election. If there is one.

    I’m sorry, but this old half-breed with a strain of ‘black’ blood running back seven generations sees Obama as a bone to toss to rubes. And, quite frankly, I don’t think he can beat the machine.

  2. I’m more inclined to think Obama doesn’t have to beat the machine because sizable factions of that same machine are backing him, just like they backed Slick Willie in 1992.

    And maybe he is just another Slick Willie, dunno yet.

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